Porto Pollo consists of 2 huge, crescent shape bays, known for a long time now as a magnet for Mediterranean winds. With the local tunneling effect, between southern Corsica and Northern Sardinia, the winds concentrate right on the stretch of the coast around Porto Pollo, usually doubling the strength that enters the straights. Most of the kiting takes place in the west, upwind bay with a 2 km stretch of uncrowded beach and prevailing cross shore winds. Being protected in the upwind section of the bay, the water is quite flat and great for all levels, from having your first lesson or course, to closing those loops and handle pass moves.

This is not however the only place possible to kite in the area. In both directions from Porto Pollo and within 1hr drive there are another 12 -15 spots all working on different directions and strengths. Here you will find mirror flat lagoons, flat open long bays, wide white beaches, wave spots on reef and sand, secluded island locations and more. With 7 years exploring, surfing, kiting, windsurfing and sailing the area, the FreshTraxxx [1] team will get you to some amazing locations for the wind of the day. Providing a great combination of varied conditions, kiting locations and an awesome stay in this amazing part of the island of Sardinia, Italy.